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    Leigh Carpenter Ferguson is a product of her environment, in every sense of the word. She grew up along the Gullah-Geechee Corridor, living in Glynn, McIntosh,  Camden, Chatham (GA), and Duval counties (FL).  These coastal areas are both rich in history and immense in natural beauty.  The unspoken truths in these low-lying areas, created a love of the natural world that shows in all of her work. Her work is saturated with stories and symbols, from the mundane to the sublime. She has realized that her work is not only a form of personal meditation but also a vehicle for storytelling.

   As an artist, she has known that she was a creative spirit since the age of 5.  It has never left her. She attended the Savannah College of Art and Design- receiving a BFA in Art History. She has travelled throughout Europe, with studies in Germany, Italy and Spain. She has also worked in the field of painting conservation, learning invaluable lessons of longevity in artwork. As a teacher in the Montessori method, she has learned the importance of order and reason.  “There is a distinct way in which children learn and absorb information.  Art is a vital element in transmitting key fundamentals.  The beauty is that this same philosophy applies to adults.  There is something in our “archaic remnants” that longs to connect with the divine order.” As she begins each project, a story comes to life.  She is able to encompass the longing of “Saudade” to the ephemeral beauty of her “Jacques Cousteau Angels”.  Her work continues to evolve and include the richness of life around her.

Leigh has been featured in:

“Stoking the Creative Fires” by Phil Cousineau

We’Moon Datebook 2012

We’Moon Datebook 2013

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