Meet Emmi Doucette

of PEROart.

   Born and raised in Ohio by a well-known local watercolorist, Emmi Doucette came to painting later in her own life. Influenced by her mother’s paintings, and her family’s encouragement, Emmi began working with acrylics and watercolors in 2012.

   Emmi believes that art should not be confined by its subject matter’s known description. Her abstract works, while titled, are meant to be interpreted by its viewer. Emmi states “Art should be about the viewer’s own interpretation, their own feelings tied to color, space, and movement.”

   Having lived for many years in Europe, Emmi draws on experiences abroad and the beauty of her current Georgian surroundings to create works of art. While generally working on smaller scale paintings (16”x20”), Emmi has of late been working on large scale pieces, some as large as 4’x4’.

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