The Brunswick Stewdio Grand Opening

I have a great little studio/gallery on the island that I love and look forward to, and I work there everyday and it’s perfect …except for one thing.

I am still working alone all day. I mean there are always people perusing, so I have great folks to talk with and a reason to brush my hair. But I don’t have colleagues, people to bounce ideas off of, people to say “hmmm, did you mean that to look so phallic” or “Why don’t you just automate the photoshop task?”

And I miss that. I need that. Because people make us grow and inspire us to be our best selves.

That is why when my friend Harlan Hambright decided to open up a creative co-op….three blocks from my house, on the street where great things happen, in the town that I BELIEVE IN….and THEN He decided to name that space the BRUNSWICK STEWDIO…..I jumped, leaped, tripped over myself and pulled out my meager checkbook. I HAD to be a part of it. No question really.

The Brunswick Stewdio….( If you aren’t from these parts you may not know how deeply brilliant and hilarious this name is..our town is famous for Brunswick Stew, we have a festival in it’s honor. It’s like a sweet-ish, conglomeration of  meats and tomatoes….I’m making it sound grosser than it is cause I prefer to draw animals than eat them….But, Here is an award winning recipe from the only BBQ place that matters. ) With the idea that we as a team of people could come together creating something larger than our individual selves. It is a fitting name for a beautiful idea. )

So I signed on shouting to my favorite artists and designers to come along. And they did! And I watched as Harlan and his wife Rhonda wrangled this wild beast of an idea. It is an actual breathing entity this co-op. Just two months ago we had 4 members….and now there are 29!!! We share 5,000 square feet of studio space. Below Harlan sits in the Pickles and Oliver space. You have to come by just to sit in these chairs. ( my kids love them cause they are designed in such a peculiar way one could, if needed , relieve oneself thru them ) Pickles and Oliver designed our  Stewdio website...and my personal website …. and can design yours too. (Don’t pee on her floor tho…just sit there like a well behaved client, tell her ED sent you )

I decided to use my space at The Brunswick Stewdio as a “Drawing Room” a place to draw where I can be surrounded by the energy of other working artists. When? you may ask…yeah..I know… I am at the Pier Village Studio on the island everyday 12-6 ..But on off hours I will be here at the co-op  and on first fridays and some evenings and I may teach a few workshops this summer, stay tuned!

The Stewdio has a rotating gallery and permanent retail space as well as a giant classroom. Many of the artists will be teaching classes and workshops and The College Of Coastal Georgia has joined on to teach drawing classes here as well!

We are abstract painters and surreal painters and painterly painters, and glass painters. We are designers, media consultants, photographers, weavers, woodworkers, costumers, illustrators, a puppeteer, some folks too interesting to describe and many artists I haven’t even met yet!

I have Drawn The Conclusion: That it will be art that saves our town. Art saves my life every day, so I know how powerful it is on a small scale. But This, This large scale co-op you can feel the energy walking thru the doors.  The collective breath of creative passion makes everything it touches come alive. You can not walk into this space without feeling inspired.  I double dare ya to try.

Come check out our Grand Opening tonight! Friday June 5th 5-8pm 1407 Newcastle Street Brunswick GA !

We will be open to the public for regular business hours a few days a week and by appointment!

ED HOSE is A freelance Illustrator, Check out Her Blog Drawing Conclusions where she writes about stuff and then Draws the conclusion.


  1. I remember standing in your village store and asking if maybe, sort of, kind of…was there any possibility that there might be more room at the Brunswick Stewdio? You said to ask Harlan. Well, here I am. Thanks, Ed! And thanks for this awesome blog post. I love the way you write.

  2. Well done!

  3. Great Harlan ! A real contribution to the Brunswick tradition. Albert

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